Thing I Love

Thing I Love

These are my favorite earrings. Why? Easy.

1. I thrifted them with people I adore. Good shopping memories are key to a favorite purchase. Also, paying 12.5 cents for something means that you aren’t pressured to like them just because you broke the bank.

2. They have bows. Anyone who is anyone knows that I am a sucker for bows.

3. They are golden. Again, anyone worth their snuff knows that I’m a gold, not silver girl.

4. Annnnd most importantly.. they have tiny gilded mirrors in the center. Obviously this is cool by itself, but the real kicker is the number of people who will try to check their reflection in your earlobes. I affectionately call them my narcissist litmus test: if you get distracted by a tiny slice of your reflection hanging from my ear, you are surely a little too into your own reflection.


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