my favorite meals in Italy, illustrated

My waiter checked about 12 times to make sure I was alright with eating a fluffly fluffy bunny. I was. And it was delicious.

After a solid week of Italian food you would eat a burger too. I ate this at the charming Caffe Propaganda. Best part? Your menu looks like a turn of the century newspaper.

Delish! A room temperature smoothie was a little different, but I loved it.

Tavolo caldo’s (literally hot tables) are great for cheap, quick food here. My mum and I pretty much bummed around the beach getting beer and gelato here occasionally for 3 days in Peastum.

I thought I was being ohhh so adventurous getting the “spicy sausage” pizza. Turns out it was plain jane pepperoni. I laughed and then proceeded to devour it. Delicious.

I love the way Italy does their giant symmetrical salads.

The best carbonara. Ever.

I will never look at zucchini & eggplant the same way again.

Ox tail is a Roman specialty. Unfortunately you have to have ninja eating skills to be able to get it off the bone.

But really, how are there this many types of thinly sliced pig things?


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