More Macro Paintings: Creepy Nurse

Hair detail. I used a glue bottle (rounded up by Prof Blizzie – he is an excellent story for another day) to get the loose, flowing lines.

A bit of bow n’ hair.

Nothing like a red cross manicure to get a girl through a double shift.

The whole sha-bang. Creepy Nurse in its full glory.

I made this painting for a class last year. The assignment? Create a painting inspired by an x-ray of our professor’s fractured wrist (painting related accident, of course).

I started out with the idea of an x-ray being sort of similar to the placards they make you hold in a mug shot. I mean, we’ve all been there.. am I right? Not so much? Oh, awkward.

Regardless, the resemblance seemed striking to me. Here they both are, numbered and filed away for future reference, evidence of an injury. Of course, most x-rays don’t come with a creepy nurse who rocks a coordinated Red Cross bow and manicure. Then again, I’m not always interested in painting what happens most of the time.


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