DIY Vintage Book Bag

Lazy DIYer friendly project ahead! I’ve had this idea for a while, and I finally pulled it off.

All the supplies!

Everything I used for this project is right here. I used an old book (pages chopped out), a cheap thrifted bag, the most hard core craft glue I could find, and a pair of kiddie scissors.

It was quite smelly.

This bright orange 1930s “French in 20 Lessons” book made a lovely cover for my bag.

The only change I made to the bag I found was chopping off a big bow. Snippity snip!

Next I whipped out my heavy duty glue and applied liberally to the cover.

All glued!

This glue was kind of miraculous. I held it together for a few minutes and then it was golden!

24 hours later: BAM! Book Bag

Tada! Bag in action. 

Easy DIY completed. Give me feedback if you have ideas for improving this project or other easy-peasy DIY projects I could check out.


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