Project Prada: Update

I’m still far from being done, but I would love to get feedback on what I have so far! I’ve added quite a bit, including 1950s movie titles for each spread.

Cover! I originally brought in the checks as a sort of fifties diner reference, but since she is holding the racing flag, it really lends itself more that direction. Happy mistakes that happen when creating!

Seriously strutting is happening in this one.

Another lovely fifties film. This one is really about the hair for the show, which I loved. I also played with the flower print I made for another jacket.

I mean, I hear some DO like it hot. :)

I'm torn on weather I like the giant bag or if it would be better to add a variety of travel like accessories to this page.

A creepy geometric floor/nonfloor, also copied people. Perhaps I should change this movie title to invasion of the body snatchers?

I think this is one is my favorite. I had quite a bit of fun with the off kilter prints and angles of her arm.

And the finale!

This is a print that has yet to find a home... still working on figuring out a way to use it.

Still quite a bit of work to be done by next Monday, but I’m really enjoying this project. Wee!


7 thoughts on “Project Prada: Update

  1. I pinned The Girl Can’t help it along with your blog! I love your work. This Prada project is really coming along. I hope you find a place for the last print… I love that one, too!!!


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