Soooo this is really happening. I’m going to Italy next semester!

Nit-picky, long, tedious forms are not my strong suit. I’m still a bit shocked that I was able to hop through all the hoops at the right time. I mean, if I was a dog, no one would be signing me up for agility competitions.

But here I am. Passport renewed, classes approved, program accepted me.

It’s setting in now, just what this semester will mean. New people, new language, new classes, new requirement of cooking for myself, new roommate. It is the massive amount of change that I wouldn’t have been ready for right out of high school. The amount of change that makes everyone you meet (over 40) give you a wary, “you be safe now” glance.

While I increasingly value what the fourtyplusers out there think, I also know that I have a secret weapon… a terrifying passport picture, probably the most terrifying passport picture ever. I’m pretty sure I give off vampire/mob connection/serial killer vibes.


I mean, really. Look at that face. That face is ready to take on the world.


2 thoughts on “Soooo this is really happening. I’m going to Italy next semester!

  1. This is classic. Congratulations Chelsea.

    There’s an old tv show called “the Adams family.” You can find it on youtube. The female child in the family was named “Wednesday.” You remind me of her. I almost called you Wendy.


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