Do you feel the Spring tonight?

After several nudges from Ze Photographist  I’m back with more San Francisco pictures. This time focusing on our trip to the de Young Museum’s Bouquets to Art show. In short, artists created floral creations inspired by art in the museum. Behold!

For example, this floral sculpture accompanied the Lichtenstein behind it. I really loved this one.

Adorable! I can't resist cute people at museums.

Speaking of amazing people, can we talk about this hat for a moment? Next, can we talk about what a cool cat you would have to be to wear this hat? Enough said.

Love the bit of fame being eaten by the flowers!

COLOR BAM! I can't decide if I like the flower or glass version better.

Let's take a break and glance up at all the interesting lighting in this room. Fun, no?

Art kid? Meet science kid.

Excellent set of profiles.

Flower dog!? Perfect.

By far my favorite of the day. Nothing is better the juxtaposition of great people watching and art!

Ginger hair in paint and flower form!

More people creeping. Symmetrical this time.

Well hello, fascinating shadows. Draw me in with your mystery.

Quite literal, quite awesome.

Yes, these flowers are hooked up to oxygen.

Structural green plant, I'm looking out for you in the future.

These leaves appear to be printed on. Not sure how they did it, but next time I am creating plant based fashion I will attempt this.

And... a few from outside the de Young. Don't flowers look good in the rain? Raindrops on roses and all that jazz.

But.. you don't have to be a rose to look good in the rain :)

That’s all for now, hope you got your flower fill! More pictures to come of course, and perhaps I will even get a few sketches up this week.


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