A Collegiette’s Collection of Cardigans: The Neutrals

I will be the first to admit I have an unhealthy number of cardigans.

But you know what they say… if you got a ton of cardigans, flaunt them on your blog that isn’t really about fashion.

This first set is just the light colored neutral cardigans (I know, what a ridiculous classification) in my wardrobe. My writer/photographer roommate took these photos yesterday morning on our campus, the extremely photogenic Scripps College.

See the creeping in flowery plants I'm doing here? Yes, you will be seeing more of that. Oh, and this is my pearl encrusted cardigan.

Very serious. Jokes, the only thing serious about this is that I am serious(ly) in love with these flowers.

Slight detour to the shoe department, but the tiny clovers I'm standing in are adorable. A bed of this would be excellent.

Number two! I affectionally call these Big Sweater and Big Scarf. As you can see, they are as large and in charge as their names imply.

Yes, my feet are huge. I am a mutant. Or possibly perspective is just a crazy tool in photography. Probably the former. Regardless, this is one of my vintage sweaters that I inherited from my grandma!

I love this courtyard and tend to spend a lot of time here on the few hundred plus degree days since it stays cooler than an extremely cool tap dancing cat even on the hottest days.

These flowers are incredibly fragrant. Bottle that up Scripps College! Also, this is the introduction to the final cardigan for today, known as the Naked Sweater.

Naked Sweater among some so called Birds of Paradise... based on how much they poked me, I have tentatively renamed them Birds of Prey.

Speaking of serious trees, this one is giant and great and looks like it is about to start giving you advice if you had a hummingbird and raccoon for best friends.

Behind the scenes! I will call this "Model as Director".

Blooper time! You wouldn't believe the percentage of pictures that looked like this... I can't keep it fauxserious for too long.

The end! Tune in soon for a peek at our roommate project next week… we are thinking something with hats and lipsticks or possibly classy recreations of memes. Thoughts?


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