Cavorting with Cactus People

Huntington Gardens is delightful. Seriously, if you live in LA county and you don’t go frequently it’s a shame.

Why? It has amazing art, fascinating history and spectacular gardens.

Also, favorite thing of the day:

Little Sibling: Look at all the pretty cactuses!

Older Sibling: They aren’t called cactuses, silly. They are called cacti. 

Little Sibling: … how do you spell that?

Older Sibling: *giant sigh, proceeds confidently* K-A-K-D-I, duh. 

If a 4 year old girl designed a flower this would be it... but with more glitter and Barbie stickers.

Mmmm. The scalloped edge on this leaf makes me think of doilies and tea parties and happiness.


"We Koi in peace!"

Speaking of aliens... this is the prettiest, weirdest thing/flower. I'm quite certain it is not from this planet.

Love these little stick wheels!


Underbelly of a giant leaf. You can see why these would make excellent fans.


90% terrifying + 10& awwwww

Oh hey excellent cactus texture.


I LOVE the way the inside (embossing?) echoes the edge pattern.


fountains and flowers. reflections are delightfully deep thought inducing, no?


Sea creature? I think yes.


I couldn't help myself. These cacti are called Old Man of the Andes... I'm calling them bad hair day x 3.

I love how these trees are spiky/scary + delightfully chubby. Solid combo.

In the Chinese garden, too picturesque!

In the greenhouse: amazing flower #239445475974833822b

These spiky stars remind me of 50s futuristic advertising.

Cactus forest!

I didn't even have to draw a face on this guy :)





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