Sketching On the Sketch Train

Joking! Metrolink is delightful and everyone should ride it because it is lovely and not sketch at all.

Yesterday my friend and I took a trip into DTLA for the Chinatown New Years parade and general downtown wanderings.The trains as a result were extremely busy.. meaning that instead of lounging across three seats on the train, we were quite packed in… meaning that the lady sitting across from me was extremely confused by my sketchings all the way back to Claremont. Confusing train goers is what I do best, so I wasn’t too suprised.

The resutlts:

I think this parasol is Chinatown inspired, but no promises.

Nom Nom food. Also, the bottom is supposed to be "just peachy". I was informed however that the peach looks like an orange with spikes... so perhaps it reads more like "Just Orangewithspikes-y"


This confused my neighbor.

...but not as much as this Disco Goddess did.

and reeeally not as much as she was confused by this mad cool, mad scientist.

Unfortunately, true story.

Till next week DTLA!


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