Shit Oscar Nominees Say

Oscars are less than a month a way and it is definitely time for an edition of Shit Oscar Nominees Say. These are some of my favorite annoying Oscar nominee reactions, in illustration form (of course).

1. The Over Thanker: You know who you are. No one cares who gave your caterer foot massages, only mothers and people you owe more than one million dollars to are thank-worthy.

2. The Soap Box(er): You are nominated for your acting (well… debatable) not your ability to show up at red carpet events for dolphin saving charities.

3. Fake Modesty: Probably the most common, fake modesty is kind of go to reaction for most multi-nominated stars. I’m pretty sure the only one who can pull this off is Meryl Streep.

Celebrity culture=hilarious. Perhaps an Oscar acceptance speech edition is in order when we get closer to show time!


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