I love clutter.

I’ve recently realized how cluttery my life is. Also, how amazing clutter is. Pshhhh all those magazine covers promising to declutter your life. Guffaaw to Hoarders! I love my clutter and it pretty much defines me.

Take this for instance:

My jewelry box tells you that I am a bow loving romantic, who lusts after European adventures and antiquated timepieces. (all true)

Part two of jewelry box? I love pearl wearing princess pandas. (yup)

My extensive G2 pilot pen collection should indicate my love of those aforementioned pens and a penchant for doodling and pen twirling.

My nail polish suggests I only choose colors based on their names, related to my location or food preferably.

A few bangles I don’t know how to wear sitting on a saucer from a broken tea cup.

…draw what conclusions you must.

Basically, this is a shout out to holding onto things you don’t need, collecting things no one wants, and proudly arranging it around your dwelling… because, hey! houses/dorm rooms/your parents’ basements turn into homes when you fill them with stuff no one else would see fit to hang onto.


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