eye see you, the eyes have it, and other eye puns

I’ve been working on making body parts. Hold on! That sounds creepy, but really its just that I want to have all the little bits of people I draw in Illustator all the time ready to go so I don’t start from scratch each time. Perhaps this is lazy and I will get tired of simply tweaking things to get the desired effect, but I think it is a good exercise in creating a range of emotions for my characters.

So, first step eyes of course! I’m starting quite simply, doing a few basic poses, emotions, and colors and I’ll work from there! Ideally, I’d like to make another Flash dress up site where you can build your own person.

Stay tuned for more eyes and perhaps a few noses (if I’m feeling quite daring) in the near future. Eyediós!*

*Yikes bikes, I thought I would come up with a better eye pun exit by the end of this post. :D


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