Daily Muse

Witty, charming, and insightful (I’m not talking about myself.. ..) The Daily Muse is not only a lovely resource for the freewheelin’ career gal but also my current place of internship. Basically, I’m in love with the team and thought I would share some of the work I’ve done for them over the last few months!

This one is part of a series of graphics I made for Job Search Month. I took an iconic part of the employment search, the classifieds, and emphasized with a heart the importance of finding a job that you love!

This holiday card, which went out to the whole Daily Muse team was a fun project. I played around with some snowflake shaped topiaries (there can never be too many topiaries) and ended up here, quite pleased with the results.

This graphic for the Daily Musing gave me a chance to break out something more like the work I do for fun. Wait, you want me to draw a musing girl? Yes, yes, alright.. I suppose I can do that. It’s only what I do all the time.

More Daily Muse postings to come!


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