A European Excursion From Yesteryear

I stumbled across these as I was looking through some of my older photography.

I have especially fond memories of this teacup photo; the man drinking the tea left it alone on deck just long enough for me to snap the isolated cup.

I took this at a Bastille Day celebration in Bayeux, France. Fireworks the night before were magical and the parade that day was charming. After almost getting tackled in Paris for taking a picture of a police officer accidentally (seriously, don’t take pictures, it’s illegal) I was wary to take photos of the parade, but apparently there is some sort of exception for festive patriotic celebrations. Anyway, the photo below is a few members of the band and city hall reflected in a tuba. Also, I’m pretty sure the chap on the far right is Dick Cheney…

This photo, which I affectionately call Zipper Heaven, I took in a small sewing shop in the same town as above. Basically, someone gifted in color sorting is in charge of stocking the zipper shelves.

This last one is from the train station in London. I’m fascinated by travelling people and so I was snapping shots (hopefully in a non creepy way) of passerby’s feet. The best part is that because I never looked up at faces, all I can do is guess what they looked like based on their footwear. As far as methods for judging by covers go, I think feet are a good start.


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